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Once Upon A Time In Rokugan

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Don't forget that gaming is at MY PLACE!

I'll be home after 5!

Show up any time after that!

Pizza will be ordered to arrive at 6:30!

Show up anytime before that if you want to eat!

Bring drinks or get them at my pathetically stocked beer store!

Dave don't forget the basket!

Mo, don't forget to GM!

Lee, don't forget to be a slick and styling ninja!

Josh, don't forget that Josh magic that we all love!

Standley don't forget the ziplock baggies! (edit: or balls-safes as I like to call them)

Ran, don't... well whatever it is, don't!
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We Go Tomorrow?!
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Are we gaming this week or are too many out of town?
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Gents I am afraid friday is a no go. Tanya is being taken out to dinner by a friend from out of town that night so I will be home w. the dragon. Apologies.


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Mo? Gaming? Friday? Albatross?
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Friday? I'm ready for a bout of serious hard core gaming!
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My place make the calls. The numbers are in Mo's second last post.
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Are we a go?! My wife has half a dozen people coming over here I'd like to be out gaming. What's the dealio? I understand Q expects people after game. I have van and can drop some if not most of you off at the Rhino.


cranky cantankerous
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As far as I can tell this Friday is the only one in which we are a go for sure. Unles one of you rat bastards, er... I mean gentlemen, feels the need to cancel.

You better not... er, I undestand these things do happen but I hope we can avoid such an unfortunrate circumstance.

So Dave's house at the usual time. J I'll get you from Christie at the usual time D will follow.


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So no go for tomorrow. See you in a week.
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