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Prophecies · of · the · Dark · Lotus

From the memoirs of Hiruma Daishukkun. Day of Thunder -1

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The sun rises over the plains to the east and I rise with it. I am to meet with the Great Bear and Yakamo-sama in but a few moments. My weapons are ready and the glassy obsidian black of the Armour of Earth gleams and glints in the new dawn light. It has been a long year since I wrote a missive of this nature but the time has come again and it seems wise to document my thoughts and wishes in what may be my final chance to do so.

Reishi-o, you are my love. Sharper than my blade and stronger than my o-yoroi, I have been blessed to have you by my side and our daughter could have no better mother. She will be strong and great at whatever she lays her hand upon if your blood runs true in her. If I do not return from this battle, care for my lands and castle well, that she may hold them in the future and that there may be a place of honour for my blade and my tetsubo.

With the orders of my lord, I am sure that I will be sent into Otosan-uchi. The mempo of void is there and we must have it if we are to bring the world back into balance. Fu Leng is there too, as are his armies. Perhaps The Crab will be allowed to expunge the stains from our honour by taking the wall of the sacred city a second time? Perhaps I may do some small part to bring that about.

In any case, it is certain that I will have faced no greater challenge than the one coming today. If the Fortunes favour, then perhaps I will look into your eyes again. If not then hang this haiku over my grave and I will wait for you on the other side of the veil.

Autumnal sunrise
Glints of blood-light on black mail
The final farewell.
* * *